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Lakers Swept by the Mavericks

The Lakers became another team added to the seemingly impossible statistic of coming back after being down 0-3 in a playoff basketball series.  They are now the 99th team to lose the series after starting 0-3.  There were a few teams who were able to make it to seven games, which I thought the Lakers may have been able to do, but not with their performance today.  Another interesting fact about this series is that there are only a few teams who won the championship the year before and then were swept in a series the following year.  The Lakers are now part of that group as well.

The Lakers didn’t look good today in their 122-86 loss to the Mavericks.  The team shot 38 percent, while the Mavericks shot 60 percent.  Not only were the Mavericks hitting two point shots, but they hit a playoff record 20 three point shots.  A 36-point loss is something you don’t expect in a playoff game because that just means one game completely outplayed the other.  A playoff team should not be outplayed as badly as the Lakers were this series.

Bynum and Odom were both ejected in the fourth quarter for an unnecessary flagrant foul, making them the second and third players thrown out of a game in the series.  The Lakers’ players were frustrated and took out their anger on the Mavericks.  You could see from the players’ faces that they were upset with how each other was playing, and this led to the Laker downfall.  I know from experience that when you are mad at people you are playing with, it gets in your head and causes you to be distracted from your play.

I can’t believe this may be the last game that Phil Jackson coached in his legendary career.  This is not the way you would like to end your career, but he has had many great seasons to cancel out this last playoff disaster.  Jackson may be the best NBA coach ever, with eleven titles and three three-peats.  I would like to see him back next year, but if he doesn’t come back, I hope his successor will be able to do as good a job as he did.


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  1. I’m not surprised that the Lakers lost the series, but I am surprised at how badly they were beaten. The Lakers are clearly the most talented team in basketball. They have skill, speed and size (not to mention one of the best coaches in NBA history). It’s hard to say what caused their downfall, but it seems reasonable to blame complacency and desire. Maybe winning 2 championships in a row robs you of your ambition?

    The question now is: What to do next? Jackson is undoubtedly retiring and Kobe is only getting older. If the team comes back next year intact, it still will be one of the best teams in the league. What needs to change is their attitude. At this point, I’m not sure that attitude can change without a major player mix up. Kupchack has a lot of work on his hands.

    Comment by Eric Johnson | May 9, 2011 | Reply

    • I think Kupchack will try and find younger players who are in their prime to help this team come back from the troubles they had this year. They have enough talent on their team to trade players in return for other great players.

      Comment by Michael Altschuler | May 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. I think that Jackson should discuss retiring with Brett Favre, he would provide Jackson with some sound advice. Jokes aside, I am certain that Brian Shaw will take over and I think he will do an excellent job.

    The Lakers clearly did not care about winning. It seemed as if they cared more about their personal lives (e.g. LAMAR and CHLOE show, Artest creating rap CDs) and was evinced by the way they played on that last game. Aside from Kobe who was playing well in the first quarter, I did not see any other Laker playing on their toes and giving it their all. In fact, I saw the opposite.

    Lakers will need to make some trades and I think we are about to see superman enter The Staples in October. Trades need to be made, so that Lakers can be back on top.

    Comment by chiragdsagar | May 9, 2011 | Reply

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