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Sacramento Kings Staying in Sacramento… At Least for Another Year

In a previous post I talked about the possibility of the Sacramento Kings moving to Anaheim and becoming the Anaheim Royals.  The deadline for the decision ended about a week ago, and I wanted to update you on the situation.  The owners of the Kings have decided to keep the team in Sacramento for at least another year.  They are giving the Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson, a chance to come up with a realistic plan for a new arena.  Johnson was able to get support behind the team and raised $10 million to show that people still believe in the Kings in Sacramento.

According to an ESPN article, “co-owner Joe Maloof and NBA Commissioner David Stern made clear that the team will leave after next season if an arena plan is not in place.”  So, this means that Johnson needs to make sure that he has attractive plans for an arena because if not, the team will be heading off to Anaheim.  Without a new arena, the team would be able to get a lot more revenue in Anaheim, which is a good enough reason for the owners to want to move the team.

I am glad that the team is not going to move, at least for now.  I don’t think I could handle another NBA team in Southern California.  I already don’t understand the point of there being two teams in Los Angeles.  Both teams share the same arena-which makes no sense to me who is the home team when both teams play each other- and people have to decide which team they want to be a fan of.  By having a team in Anaheim, that would mean there would be three teams within forty-five miles of each other.  This is way too many teams to have in such a short distance.


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  1. Not only that, but the amount of traffic that their games will cause be ridiculous. This will be another reason for more cars to enter the freeway system and cause more congestion. LA has 2 basketball teams, 2 football teams, 1 hockey team… Other than an NFL team, I think we have plenty of sports teams in the greater Los Angeles area. I hope that Sacramento can remain there because they have quite a bit of history there when they competed with the Lakers. I am certain it would be depressing to have to see them leave as a Kings fan.

    Comment by chiragdsagar | May 9, 2011 | Reply

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