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NBA Finals 2011

This year’s NBA Finals is a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals, where the Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks.  The two meet again five years later.  That year the Heat won in six games.  During that season, the Heat didn’t have the big three; they only had Dwayne Wade.  And now with the addition of LeBron James and Chris Bosh, I think this year’s outcome will turn out exactly the same with the Heat winning the NBA Championship.

Although this isn’t really a rematch because the teams are completely different, this is going to be a great series.  The Mavericks were on fire in their last series, and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can bring that intensity to the new series.  The Heat showed that their three superstar players can prove to be too much for a team to handle.

I think the Heat will end up winning the series in six or seven games, but I think six is more likely.  The Heat just have too many talented players on their team to fall to the Mavericks.  The one thing the Mavericks have on their team are players with lots of experience, and this could help them possibly pull the upset over the Heat.  However, I think that the big time players on the Heat will cause problems for the Mavericks (ex: matchups, rebounding, spreading the floor).

Prediction: Miami Heat in Six Games


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