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Ohio State/USC Sanction Updates


The NCAA has ruled even further on USC’s sanctions, stripping the team of its 2004 BCS National Championship, and also wiping out their appearance in a BCS bowl in 2005.  According to the N.Y. Times “this is the first time that a consensus major college football champion has been stripped of its title.”  The NCAA has decided that their will be no team that was the BCS national champion in 2004.  USC will still be the Associated Press national champion that year, but the BCS Championship is the game that you play to prove that you are the best team.

I think that this is a very harsh punishment for the NCAA to place on USC.  What about the other players who were part of the national championship winning team?  Is it fair that all of their hard work no longer makes them winners of the biggest bowl in college football?  I don’t think so.  One player receiving illegal benefits should not force all of the players on the team to suffer such a punishment.

Ohio State

While the school is still under investigation for NCAA violations, Terrelle Pryor has decided to leave Ohio State instead of returning for his senior season.  First the well-renowned coach leaves, and now the star player.

Pryor was already suspended for the first five games of the season, shocking many people when he first said he was going to come back.  Now he decided it is his time to leave.  I’m sure his reason was due to the fact that the NCAA has already been looking at the school and will probably find more information linking Pryor to more NCAA violations.  After his news broke about leaving, a former friend came forward with more news about how Pryor received thousands of dollars in return for signing memorabilia for Ohio State fans.  This violation is even more severe than the other violation where he received tattoos for signing memorabilia.

The team looks to be in shambles, and we’ll see if the rest of the NCAA probe can find more information about the violations the school’s players were involved in.

Overall Thoughts about Violations

One thing I’ve began to notice is that coaches seem to know of their team’s violations, and when finally found out, they leave the school.  In the case of USC, Tim Floyd resigned as coach of the men’s basketball team when information was brought to attention about O.J. Mayo.  Pete Carroll, the USC football coach, left for the NFL when Bush’s violations stemmed.  The coach of Ohio State, Jim Tressel, resigned after violations were found out about many of his current and former players.

I don’t think it’s right that these people are not given penalties along with their former school.  Does it really seem fair that they may have known of such violations-or were at least the person in charge when people under their watch were taking violations-but yet don’t receive any penalties?


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